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07marallday15alldayFeaturedPyongyang Ice Hockey League 2017(All Day) PYONGYANG, DPRK (North Korea)Sport:HockeyCountry:North Korea

CARHA Hockey is a national, not for profit, charitable sport organization dedicated to providing resources and benefits to the adult recreational and oldtimers hockey market in Canada.

The CARHA recently announced the opportunity for Canadian oldtimer hockey players to travel to Pyongyang, North Korea to participate in a hockey exhibition that focuses on peace and friendship.

The Pyongyang Ice Hockey League 2017 is a sporting event utilizing a shared passion for hockey as a medium to develop friendship, trust and genuine cultural exchange between the people of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Canada, and the international community at large.  The exchange will have the added benefits of supporting the development of Hockey as well as supporting sport for the disabled in the DPRK.

International hockey players and teams will practice and compete together.  For the final game, top players will be selected to play against the DPRK’s National Men’s team in the main event, a friendly international exhibition championship hockey game.

You will meet the DRPK ice hockey national team for training sessions and games throughout the week. The final game will see both team mix together for a true friendship game!

The DPRK has plenty to offer for visitors curious to discover its wonders. In Pyongyang, you will be taken to Kim Il Sung Square, the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum (Korean War Museum), the Pyongyang Metro, the Munsu indoor/outdoor water park, the Mansudae Grand monument (statues of former leaders), Taedongang Brewery Bar, the city’s top restaurants and bars, and local department stores to buy books and souvenirs. The tour includes trips outside Pyongyang to Kaesong City and the De-Militarized Zone (DMZ).

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  1. Eme Michael

    “New March, 2017 dates added!​

    Hosted by the DPRK national ice hockey team, the Pyongyang Ice Hockey League in March, 2017 is your chance to travel to the world’s most hidden country for a sports event you couldn’t possibly forget. You will play both alongside and against ice hockey enthusiasts from the DPRK, engage in friendship building activities that include visiting with special needs hockey players and enthusiasts, and explore Pyongyang’s secrets during the day. From March 7th -15th, 2017, join us for an excellent adventure, and do some good at the same time.”
    For more information, visit

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